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Since: Jul 19, 2006
Posts: 11

(Msg. 16) Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:34 pm
Post subject: Re: VERISMO/L'amore dei Tre Re [Login to view extended thread Info.]
Archived from groups: rec>music>opera (more info?)

and looks remarkably young in the first act dressed in a sort of
> Alice in Wonderland white frock - very very creepy.

Sorry, obviously not the first act!

 >> Stay informed about: VERISMO 
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Since: Jul 19, 2005
Posts: 1145

(Msg. 17) Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:12 pm
Post subject: Re: VERISMO/L'amore dei Tre Re [Login to view extended thread Info.]
Archived from groups: per prev. post (more info?)

LOL - yes, the three corpses alone make the work fascinating!!! Cannot get
enough corpses - just ask....; well never mind!


"MVOHP" wrote in message

>I certainly will Don P.
> I have been very evangelical about this work for about 10 years now. I
> intend to educate most of London to it by the time I am finished! It is
> pleasing to note the great dedication to it among quite a few of the UK
> critics. The music is wonderful of course - suffused with all sorts of
> influences (Wagner, Debussy, Puccini et al,) but there is a very unique
> soundscape to it I feel. And it is such a fantastic drama - I have longed
> to
> see it on our stage. To finish off the heroine in Act 2 - absolute
> devotion
> to the drama! No excuses. No compromise - et she is still pivotal to the
> denouement. I love it, and any opera with three corpses on stage at the
> end
> gets my vote!
> It is a very important work for the company in a very important year (new
> space etc) and it will be a hugely involving and exciting project. I will
> keep you appraised dear chap.
> BTW, we have found three very good tenors this year - Aldo di Toro
> (Loris),
> our Duke, Paul O'Neill, another young Australian - heard the dress
> tonight -
> a young boy, not long out of college - what a beautiful sound..and a
> Russian, Pawel Wunder, who opens as Hermann in our Queen of Spades this
> week. A very good year for tenors.
> Mike
> On 18/7/06 19:51, in article DfudncyR3JNOsCDZnZ2dnUVZ_tSdnZ2d RemoveThis @rcn.net,
> "donpaolo" wrote:
>> I love all of the works you mention, along with Francesca Da Rimini & as
>> we've discussed previously, L'Oracolo. However, I am particularly
>> fascinated with L'Amore Dei Tre Re & have been ever since I first heard
>> the
>> Pinza recording & then saw the televised NBC Opera production w/Giorgio
>> Tozzi, & later w/Jerome Hines.
>> It is a rather eerie experience, in that Montemezzi's music/orchestration
>> sort of shakes the very core & possesses the soul of the listener - that
>> scene wherein Archibaldo murders Fiora, followed by his carrying her over
>> his shoulders - goosebumps all the way!
>> As you become more deeply involved in the production, Mike, please share
>> with us the effect of this music on you!
>> Auguri,
>> DonPaolo
>> "MVOHP" wrote in message
>>> We have done Iris (twice) to great success.
>>> We have also done l'amico Fritz (and have it scheduled again for 2008),
>>> Adriana Lecouvreuer, L'arlesiana (twice) we are doing L'amore dei Tre Re
>>> in
>>> 2007 and have just finished a hugely successful Fedora. We did Andrea
>>> Chenier in 2006.
>>> We btw is Opera holland Park.
>>> On 16/7/06 07:57, in article
>>> 1153033021.636658.182750 RemoveThis @b28g2000cwb.googlegroups.com, "Mark"
>>> wrote:
>>>> http://handelmania.libsyn.com wrote:
>>>>> There are so many beautiful verismo works...Very few make it to the
>>>>> "top of the list' of those known by most people, and these operas are
>>>>> not done at all or very little.....Cav and Pag are rarities.....They
>>>>> stand out...but what of:
>>>>> Iris
>>>>> Piccolo Marat
>>>>> Resurrezione
>>>>> L'Amico Fritz
>>>>> L'Amore de Tre Re
>>>>> Zaza
>>>>> Mme.Sans-Gene
>>>>> Gloria
>>>>> Francesca da Rimini
>>>>> Cecilia
>>>>> Lodoletta
>>>>> The "other" Boheme
>>>>> etc..yes,there are slow moments..but there also slow moments in
>>>>> "regular" operas also..but there are such beautiful scenes.....and we
>>>>> do have Gallardo-Domas,Gheourghiu,Bravo, I hope others..
>>>>> The great verismo works were performed more when the likes of
>>>>> Favero,Muzio,Zeani,Scotto,etc.were around...Diana Soviero is the last
>>>>> of that group..but in her time..no one does this stuff..so she never
>>>>> got to do them..except on the recordings.
>>>>> Do you have a favorite "lesser-known" verismo work?????
>>>> Il Tabarro is perhaps the greatest versimo work still in the general
>>>> repertoire. It has great music, the story is suitably depressing and it
>>>> has a spectacular tragic ending. <-------Note, this is an OPERA POST.

 >> Stay informed about: VERISMO 
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The Handelmaniac


Since: Jul 17, 2006
Posts: 132

(Msg. 18) Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:13 pm
Post subject: Re: VERISMO/L'amore dei Tre Re [Login to view extended thread Info.]
Archived from groups: per prev. post (more info?)

Put up scene fromTre re on my latest verismo podcast CH> the one
condyuctoed by Montemezzi....Kullman and Moore.
 >> Stay informed about: VERISMO 
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